Saturday, 11 December 2010

Almond Pancakes With Ice Cream And Toffee Sauce

Mmmm nice and unhealthy, just how I like it!

What You’ll Need:
150g Self-raising flour
2tbsp Caster sugar
1 Free-range egg
150ml (1/4pint) Milk
55g Flaked almonds
Oil, for frying.
55g Butter
55g Soft brown sugar
150ml Double cream
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
30g/1oz Plain chocolate, chopped
2 scoops Vanilla ice cream
1 Banana, sliced.

What You Have To Do:

Lets start with pancakes:
1. Whisk together the flour, sugar, egg and milk (until smooth)
2. Stir in the flaked almonds
3. Head some oil in a frying pan
4. Add some batter to the pan
5. ‘Swirl’ it to cover the base
6. Fry until golden-brown (on both sides!)
7. Remove from the pan onto a plate
8. Make pancakes with the rest of the batter

For the Toffee Sauce:
1. Heat butter and sugar together in a pan until melted
2. Stir in the cream until smooth
3. Add vanilla extract and chocolate and melt together

Finishing it off:
1. Place pancake onto the plate, top it off with a scoop of ice cream, and half a banana.
2. Put another pancake ontop, with another scoop of icecream, and the rest of the banana.
3. Top with the third pancake (Yummy!)
4. Drizzle over the toffee sauce
5. Serve it whilst it’s hot!

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  1. oh man these hotcakes look delicious. gonna whip up some batter right now.